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Ecosystems thinking

Ecosystems thinking becomes the new standards on how to design vibrant business & innovation support systems, for both public & private interests, at territorial level but also at business models level. It improves the capacity of organizations to position and interact with stakeholders and to drive their development, economic resilience and business journey with a 360° multi-dimensional approach. 

Ecosystems thinking is very much inspired by various powerful theories and concepts, such as the Smart Specialization Strategy, the Triple and now Quadruple Helix movements, the rise of open innovation and collaborative R&D, and maybe by the way biological and natural ecosystems interact for surviving, adapting, evolving and growing. 

EcoSystemiX believes ecosystems thinking is a core-concept for transforming public and private organizations into smart and sustainable players in an increasingly complex world, and its interventions are driven by an approach inspired by the next key-words, composing the EcoSystemiX keyboard.


Economic It’s about economics, value, jobs and wealth creation. Financials & non-financials.


Nothing happens by standing alone. It's about networking and working together.


Open collaboration, open source, open innovation, open market, open everything.


Prosperity depend sustainability, circularity, re-imagining the economic.


Ecosystems thinking requires positive attitude searching for feasible alternatives.


Virtuous changes take place through systemic imagination & solutions.


Technological novelties are key to enable smart and sustainable growth.


Prosperity is created by human-centric objects, entrepreneurs, innovators, change-makers.


One single thing rarely solves problems. Combine & connect various things.


High-tech, deep-tech, low-tech, social, frugal, incremental. What else? Innovation.